We Purchase Used Cars

Why does selling a vehicle usually take so long? Because private buyers have generally only one type of vehicle in mind which limits your market considerably. For instance if you are selling a compact car than you have just eliminated a large number of people who are looking to buy trucks, SUVs, etc. Even if you do connect to someone who is interested in your make, model, and year, you still have to compete with any similar vehicles that may also be listed and, if your vehicle has a dent, scratch, or engine trouble, you may be out of luck. You can eliminate this problem by calling us at Cash For Cars Solana Beach. We are interested in all types of vehicles so you won’t have to worry about searching for an interested buyer.

What We Buy

All Makes – We are interested in buying all sorts of vehicles. Whether your car was manufactured here in the U.S. or overseas, we want to talk to you today! Even if your car’s manufacturer is defunct or has gained a poor reputation, give us a call.

All Models – When we say that we are interested in buying trucks, we don’t just mean the mini trucks that are fuel efficient, we buy oversized, extended cabs, 4 wheeled rear axles, and the lot. We buy the models that have become unpopular or get terrible gas mileage. We buy just about everything.

All Years – We buy new vehicles, very old vehicles, and everything in between. Whether it’s a box from the 80s, a muscle car from the 70s, or a sedan from the 50s, chances are we are interested.

Cars with Engine Trouble – We buy vehicles that have known engine problems, have been in accidents, or are just worn out. Even if your vehicle no longer runs, we may make you an offer today. For more information on vehicles in this category, check out the “We Pay Cash For Junk Cars” page.

Damaged Vehicles – We buy vehicles with dents, scratches, paint chips, broken lights, broken windows, torn upholstery, cracked dashes, and anything else you can think of. We regularly buy vehicles that have been in fender benders or that haven’t been maintained. We buy cars with dirty interiors, ugly exteriors, and bald tires. If you haven’t been able to sell your vehicle for any of the reasons above, give us a chance, you could have your car sold by tomorrow!

"Not too long ago I needed to sell my used car. I was glad when I heard that your company paid cash for junk cars. I wasn't really sure I'd be able to sell the car. The service was great and I wanted to thank you for buying the car."

Lisa H.